Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hiya! Welcome to Pretty Primp :)

I'm way too old to be doing this.

Becoming a beauty blogger at age fourcoughcoughty-two? Dumb. Idioto. I should just slap on some mascara and wrinkle cream and call it a day cuz having fun with makeup is for young'uns.


Okay so I just read in some Huffington Post "inspirational" article that once you hit forty you're supposed to be able to "go outside of the house without makeup," unlike when you were in your twenties. HA! I nearly spewed my iced coffee all over the place upon reading that outright lie. When I was twenty-something I could roll out of bed, wipe the sleep out of my eyes, and drag my fingers through my hair and I looked pretty good. And that would be after a night of debauchery. Now even if I have a solid six hours of sleep I stumble, zombie like, from the cocoon of sleep to stagger to the bathroom....and I've only got forty five minutes to somehow resurrect a normal face from the wreckage.

Well okay maybe that's exaggerating, but you get the idea. All the magazines say that when you get older you should ease up on the makeup and only do soft lipcolors and minimal eyeliner and yadda yadda whatever. I say lay it on baby and lay it on thick. But it's not just slapping on anything. You've got to prime your canvas before you paint.

So if you are no longer able to jump out of bed all fresh and dewy because you're no longer nineteen and you want a new and improved beauty routine, then maybe I can help a little. I'm not an expert but I lurve makeup and beauty products. Plus--this is an amazing time to be playing with paint. When you're older you've got more money to spend on better stuff--and there's some really amazing stuff out there. Makeup incorporates art and science and fashion, and now more than ever companies are pumping out incredible products that can make you appear years younger, awake when you're exhausted, or happy when you're feeling down.

So I figured it was finally time that I shared some of my current obsessions. Feel free to let me know if there is anything you'd like me to review or cover!

Thanks for reading :)
See you soon!



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