Sunday, January 5, 2014

Looking old is sooooo last year. Wrinkles begone! (Part one)

Part one: face oils!

I hate it when celebrities are all "I love my wrinkles because they tell a story." And meanwhile they've probably had Botox or have really awesome face products and a dermatologist living in the north wing of their compound. If the story your wrinkles is telling is something like "man oh man I stayed up way too late last night squinting at my candy crush game" then maybe it's time for a rewrite.

I have always been a sucker for a good face whatnot and have moisturized forever--but I am lazy so it has to be a fast and quick application. And I am impatient so I like instant results. My skin care routine uses quite a few different products but face oils are my favorite by far. They make my skin feel gooooood and give an instant glow. Wrinkles fade into the background of your plump dewy skin. Birds chirp, butterflies spin, and the clouds open up to reveal the glorious sun. (Which you stay out of, right?!)

I know it seems counterintuitive to slather your face in oil but face oil is amazing to plump and glow-ify your skin. It's a cliche but I recommend you try before you buy: get thee to a Sephora, check out the face oils, and get three mini samples. Take them home and try them out; depending on your individual skin type and need there's one for you, even if you're oily. Then you can get a full size, but even then if you don't like it Sephora has an incredible return policy (just bring the receipt and they'll take it back even if you've used the product). This gives you no excuse not to try ALL OF THE THINGS. Or at least one of them. Also, oils don't just moisturize, they also treat. 

Enough of my blathering! Here are the face oil products I currently use to keep wrinkles where they belong--ermmmmmm--on bulldogs (do you know there is actually a thing called "bulldog wrinkle wipes"? Well now you do).

     Top face oils:
  • Josie Maran Argan infinity cream (I slather this puppy all over my skin--it comes in a tube and is super moisturizing and awesome. Just mush the bottom of the tube occasionally to mix the oil and the creamier parts together). You can use it on your hands too! And your feet! And anywhere! Well maybe not your eyeballs.  
  • Bobbi Brown face oil (I like this one but it's a bit pricy. Has good reviews). 
  • Tarte pure maracuja oil. I have had two deluxe samples of this and I love it. It has a lovely dropper that makes putting on oil fun, if putting on oil could ever be described as fun. 
  • Dr Dennis Gross active vitamin D serum-oil---ehrmehgod I love this. I rub it on my face and BAM instant rosy. I'm almost out of the bottle I've had for a year. It's errmazing. 
  • Boscia tsubaki beauty oil. Just got a big sample of this and I already divorced my husband (let's call him Random, haha) and married this oil. It has great reviews and is relatively cheapish as far as oils go. It really does make your skin look so good right away.
Sephora is currently running a whole "oil is awesome" campaign and has a bunch on special display--if you are interested in getting or trying one now's a good time. There's an Algenist one that looks promising. They also have a sample pack of oils with a ton of different kinds (it's like those "best of" boxes they do now and then). 

If you want budget, L'oreal has one out that's around $20--available in drugstores and I've heard it's very good and comparable to the higher end ones. 

Don't worry that you will look like Oily McOilerson. I was scared until I tried a drop and watched my skin drink it up like a parched desert. If you decide to try an oil--or if you have personal experiences with oils--let me know!

Here are my beloveds: 

Oh hai you pretties! Left to right: Dr. Dennis Gross, Josie (she started it all), Tarte, Josie Maran argan infinity cream, boscia oil, Bobbi Brown oil. 

Lots of oily kisses,
xo muwah,


  1. Do you use the oils instead of the moisturizer or in addition to the moisturizer? Do you use the oils at night and in the morning? It does sound very oily.
    Which one would you recommend to start off with - least oily feeling one.

  2. Tertia, I use oils and moisturizer. I put the Josie Maran on in the morning, wait for it to sink in, then put on a cream (currently I'm using Mac Strobe Cream). Then I do my makeup (eyes etc) and then I apply my CC cream (like tinted moisturizer to even skin tone). So I layer a lot. Sometimes in the morning if I feel especially wrinkly I use my day retinol cream also (I use Dr Brandt Ruby glow). During the day I may pop up to my room to reapply some of the Boscia oil because it is super light I think (almost a dry oil--I might start with that one) and at night before bed I liked Dr Gross because it's heavier or my Bobbi brown and then I moisturize and either use retinol or a mini peel. Phew that's a lot! I do use the oils all day though.

  3. The non "oiliest" in the bunch is probably the Boscia. Also, I don't apply any oil to my nose as I'm not too afraid it will be wrinkly any time soon ;)

  4. I adore the Josie Maran line. My skin is usually combination, but in the winter is gets so dry. I've been using the Argan Cleansing Oil with my Mia 2 in the mornings, then a few drops of her regular Argan Oil. Once I'm heading out, I put the Argan Daily Moisturizer on. It's SPF 40, which is perfect for a super pale girl like me.

    1. Michelle--have you tried the Argan infinity cream? I need to check out the cleansing oil!


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