Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lotsa Summer Lippies

It's summer, which for me means easing up a bit on the eye makeup and playing more with lip products. (Who am I kidding, I always play with lip products!) Anyway, here are some mini-reviews of lippies that I've been either loving or have just bought.

Let's take a lookie, shall we? 

From left to right, the Lovelies, displayed for your viewing pleasure on my hairy hand: YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 49/ Tropical Pink, Sephora Luster Matte Long Wear Lipcolor in Luster Scarlet and Luster Lilac, MAC Lovelorn, Dior Fluidstick in Kiss Me, Tom Ford lipstick in Blush Nude, NARS Matte lip pencil in Bolero, NYX Matte lipstick in Couture (Not pictured: how freaking excited I am to own a Tom Ford.) 

Now for a quickie review:
1. The YSL Rouge is ah-maaaa-zing. It's pigmented and luxurious and a wonderful pop of bright pink and I loves it. Props also to shade 26 (a lilac-y pink) and a totally different formula, the Rouge Volupte in shade 8 (a mid tone perfect pink). 

2. The Sephora lippies are new and I do recommend them if you like lipsticks that feel a bit like paint. They have a wonderful color selection, from the best nudes to some deep and bright colors. The red here is incredibly pigmented and the lilac kicks MAC's St. Germain in its wussy weensy butt. I don't even know if I can carry it off. Look! 

 Like lips smeared in lilac butter. I have a neon mouth. 

I'm not entirely sure I love the color of that one as I think your skin tone has to be quite pale otherwise you look like an adult filmstar, but it's certainly fun, and the red one is really pretty. Also, they are "cheap-ish": around $16. One more thing to keep in mind: they tickle something fierce when you put them on. I'm not sure why but I don't much like it. 

3. MAC lipsticks are the best and Lovelorn is a good summer color. The end. 

4. I like the Dior. Everyone and their mom loved and bought the color Kiss Me, although I think a NYX Butter Gloss would do the same thing for you. The color's nice but dupable and the smell and feel of the gloss hybrid gel thing is okay. It feels a bit chemically, actually, so....meh. I do love the packaging though. It's so hefty and pretty and when you twist it open it opens up partway on its own like makeup magic. Anyway, I recommend it but it's so spendy, so it's not a must have. 

5. The Tom Ford lipstick is YES PLEASE I will take the LOT. I only got it because I had a gift certificate otherwise forget it dude they are way too pricy even for me. Which says a lot. But holy holy this is a nice opaque nude that you can mix and match with glosses--I like MAC Snob on top of it or that Dior. 

Here's it with NYX Meringue on top:

6. Which brings us to the NYX and the NARS, both light coral pink colors that pop with a tan. I like these a lot and they are relatively new colors for me: I don't have any other corals! I KNOW. Both are matte and stay on fairly well. The NARS is a bit dayglo but I am kind of liking that right now--it almost makes my lips glow: 

Okey dokey that's quite enough pictures of your boring mouth and chin and scraggly hair, thanks 

Anyway as the summer draws nearer I'll hopefully be posting more--I have some upcoming reviews of a new eyeshadow product and some face stuff. I hope this post gave you some ideas about new lip looks you may want to try :) 

What new lip looks are you loving? 
Have a smoochy day!

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