Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Products for a New Year!

Happy New Year! It's been a while since my last post; I've been super busy, but I do want to get better about posting in 2015, especially as I have so many new things to share!

I have a few products that have just been released to share today. I've been trying to play more with makeup colors and venture out of my dark gray smoky eyes/ pale lips comfort zone; yesterday I wore bright red lips and rosy eyeshadow, and I've been trying out dark lips (deep purple!) and bright pops of coral. What I am realizing is that now that I'm older the makeup that looks best on me makes me look awake, refreshed, and rosy; the vampy lips I wore in my twenties make me look a bit tired now and only highlight my lack of sleep. That being said, my most recent products all contribute to a rosy, fresh look that I think would suit not just those of us over-thirties but the under thirties also. 

I haven't gotten to use these products for that long, but I will attempt to give a mini-review for each. I hope this is helpful!

The three lovelies hanging out on the window sill waiting for their moment of glory 

Dior's New Cheek and Lip Glow

Oh hello you jellied gorgeousness

I just got this recently with a gift card and so I haven't gotten much chance to play with it yet. I love products that do double duty and the packaging on this is so cute--it's like a little nail polish bottle with the signature squashed silver ball cap--not to mention all a company has to do to sucker me in to buying a product is slap "glow" on the bottle. I have had three Dior lip glows before and love them; I also have the blush Rosy Glow, so I was so excited to see this new formulation. 

The color is an pinky orange popsicle tint, and it's got a luminous jelly look to it. On the cheeks, it looks fresh and dewy. It dries pretty quickly on the lips and stains them a rosy pink color. The applicator is really interesting--it's a round ball that works a bit better on the cheeks than on the lips. I'm not really sure it's terribly hygenic but it's definitely a cool product. I love the flush it gives cheeks, and the staying power is amazing. I haven't worn it on my lips that much yet. 

Dior's new Lip and Cheek Glow swatched in natural light: behold the way it makes my wrist look like it just came in from the cold

The only thing I'm a bit meh on is the smell. I can't figure out if it's supposed to smell minty or if it smells somewhat poisonous; I know that's not a good assessment but be aware that if smells are something you care strongly about I don't think this product smells that great. My best description is "minty alcohol," but not the good kind of Mojito minty alcohol. I don't know why Dior couldn't make it smell like candy--doesn't every makeup company by now know that all women want is for their makeup to either a) have no smell or b) smell like cake frosting? Regardless of the smell (it dissipates pretty quickly) I have found myself reaching for this a lot to give a fresh rosy cheek that looks natural and flattering. 

YSL's new Tint-In-Oil

An applicator for the lips shaped like lips. Be still my beating heart 

I love this. It's juicy and makes lips look really good--no lines or dry bits. I got the color Pink About Me, which is a gorgeous pink with slight blue undertones. Some of the other colors are very light and might not do much, so be sure to check swatches of the other colors. This one tints my lips after the shine wears off and the tint stays for another hour or so. The smell is fruity and the packaging is lovely; I also really like the doe foot lip shaped applicator, which is in that new lip-shape. I like to wear this when I work out with no other makeup, or when I am not doing much with my eyes, as the overall feel it gives is fresh and young and healthy. 

On the lips, YSL's Tint in Oil in Pink About Me. 

Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstars on the Go--All About Eve 

I am All About All About Eve 

Charlotte and I are currently in a serious relationship. Let me warn you, she is an expensive woman and I flinch every time I succumb to the siren song that emanates from every single one of her ridiculously covetable products. So far I have an eyeliner, lip pencil, two lipsticks, a blush, three eyeshadow palettes, her bronze and glow palette, and her Magic Cream, so when I saw that her Filmstars on the Go palettes were released (I got mine from Nordstrom's, but you can also order them from CT's website) I pounced. These are described as "a cream shadow for the eyes and dewy blush for lips to cheeks." You are supposed to "apply with fingers and blend." Ruth Crilly, from A Model Recommends, calls this "back of the cab makeup," and I really like that description. Recently I've been overwhelmed in the morning with my makeup routine as it takes quite a long time when combined with my other routines (skin care, getting dressed, hair...) and doing a carefully sculpted eye takes patience and time. Whipping on a one color cream shadow (even adding a bit of powder shadow in the crease to further define) is more and more attractive to me. 

The eye color in All About Eve is a dusky metallic platinum taupe and the lip/cheek color is a peachy pink nude a bit like a lighter and pinker version of Charlotte's lipstick Bitch Perfect. The colors are beautiful and I like how they apply and feel. They are supposedly made with all kinds of good stuff and the lip color doesn't dry out my lips, nor does it slide off. It also adheres to cheeks pretty well. As far as eyes, you definitely need a primer (I like MAC's Painterly Paint Pot) to give the eye product something to stick to otherwise it will crease pretty quickly. The gorgeous rose-gold palette is small and easily fits in the side pocket of your purse for easy transport, lending itself to touch ups throughout the day (not to mention it looks fab and will make everyone who sees you with it swoon at the gorg!) I love this palette for a quick slap on of makeup that makes me look natural and yet polished. 

Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstars on the Go in All About Eve. The darker lip color on the left in the bottom pic is Bitch Perfect; it's darker and slightly more peachy than the All About Eve. The pink tint below is from the Dior Cheek and Lip Glow--that's the stain it leaves behind. 

I hope this review of three new products was helpful and gives you some new goodies to add to your lists of beauty must-haves! 

Next up: A review of Marc Jacob's new lip gel in the VIB Rouge color! 

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