Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jergens new sheer BB body cream


I was at the drugstore today getting my favorite makeup remover (sensitive baby wipes) and I saw this glorious item just sitting out waiting to be stocked. IT WAS NOT EVEN OUT ON THE FLOOR YET. I snagged one and raced to the counter, throwing my money at the cashier. Actually I had many Extra Bucks (CVS rules for those) so it wasn't that spendy. I think it was around $11.99 full price. Anyway here is what it looks like:

Oh that's a riveting photo that there is. I'll read what it claims to do: 

"All-in-one body skin perfection" which has "5 (five!) visible benefits for more beautiful body skin" (as opposed to what kind of skin? Hair skin? Tooth skin?). 

1. HYDRATES and smoothes
2. Brightens and ILLUMINATES
3. EVENS skin tone
4. Visibly FIRMS skin
5. MINIMIZES the appearance of imperfections

(All CAPS are JERGENS' own.) 

I will be testing this miracle cream and slathering it all over my body skin for you in the next week, to report back soon as to its effectiveness. So far I can say I like the smell and the body skin on my legs felt nicely hydrated after I smoothed it all over. I did not see any visible firming of my knee caps nor did I see an illumination of my shin bones but perhaps all of my dry skin itchies were slightly MINIMIZED.

Stay tuned for my full review!

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