Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lips like you smeared them in melted butter that smells like sugar cookies. With zero guilt.

For about a year now I have heard tell of NYX, an affordable drugstore makeup line that rivals MAC in formulations and color choices. NYX is legend amongst the Youtube beauty gurus, and the most hyped product is something called "Butter Lipgloss." I watched guru after guru show these lipglosses as part of favorites videos, praising how cheap and wonderful they were. I finally caved one day and went in search of NYX at my local drugstore, only to find it was not a line they carried. I went to another drugstore (a different one) and another with no luck. I gnashed my teeth in despair. Finally I typed "where can you find NYX" into google and saw that it was only available near me in Ultas. And I had NEVER BEEN to an Ulta. (I know, even I can't believe that.)

Ulta is like Sephora on steroids. (Both of my children will tell you that Sephora is "mommy's favorite store.") Ulta has a mix of low to high end brands and carries a ton of hair products, drugstore brands, and indie products, and the first time I walked into one (a few weeks ago) I almost died from excitement. I literally had to keep myself from leaping and spinning through the aisles in joy.

I saved the NYX aisle till last and there were already frenzied women there bent down grabbing everything I wanted. Once I elbowed them out of the way and beat them off with a tube of hand cream (not really but there were two women hogging the display) I was able to snag some Butter Glosses for myself. I bought two: Vanilla Cream Pie (a peachy pink) and Merengue (a cotton candy lilac pink color). THEY WERE $5 EACH. Yes, I am gleefully yelling that. That's cheaper than a lot of regular drugstore makeup! That's a latte at a coffee shop. A magazine and a diet coke. Part of the toll over the Tappan Zee. Hurrah for inexpensive gloss!

I put them on in the car. Because I always do. I can never wait to get home. 

It was like smearing my lips in soft butter. BUTTER GLOSS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Not sticky, not tacky, not slimy. JUST RIGHT, GOLDILOCKS. Perfect color payoff--not too opaque, not too sheer. Sweet smell that wore off pretty quickly, no taste at all. HELLO I LOVE YOU. 

In the next week I wore my new glosses every day, mostly swiped on top of my lipstick. They gave a gleam to whatever I was already wearing, and moisturized and lasted and I liked them even better than my high end stuff. 

Then I heard there were going to be NEW NYX butter glosses. I stalked the website-- -- and I very nearly fainted when they popped up. I ordered three more: Sugar Cookie (a fuschia), Raspberry Tart (a berry violet), and Angel Food Cake (a light mauve). 

Here is a picture of them. The two original ones are on the left, the new ones are on the right:

Left to right: Vanilla Cream Pie, Merengue, Sugar Cookie, Raspberry Tart, Angel Food Cake (the three on the right are BRAND SPANKING NEW as in JUST RELEASED!) 

OMG I am hungry for some dessert people. I mean couldn't NYX take pity on us and name their lippies less appetizing things? Like DUNGHILL BROWN or WATERLOGGED WORM? I mean really. These are AHHHMAAAAAZZZIIIINGGGG. Go to an Ulta now, or order a handful like I did. Please. You can thank me later. 

Here is a swatch for you, in the same order: 

My hand is seriously spotty looking in this photo. It's not that raw looking in real life. I hope. LOOK AT THOSE SCRUMPTIOUS COLORS MMMMMMMMM *licks hand*

Anyway. Here is a picture of me wearing Vanilla Cream Pie, which is just so fresh and nice. Excuse my tired mug. 

you can see my weirdo painting in the back

Alright my pretties that's about it for tonight. I need to hunker down and watch some Netflix now. I did just get some new skin care items as I was out of mine so I will be doing part two of my skin care post soon. Have a buttery, oily night! 

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  1. I more my NYX gloss for the first time yesterday and it was just as heavenly as you describe it! All hail NYX (oh, and I've been using at least one part of their eye shadow pallet every day since we went to Ulta).


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