Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bye bye redness! I love this product.

Recently I've seen a lot of youtubers talking about It Cosmetics' product Bye Bye Redness, giving it rave reviews. Since I've got lots of red in my skin that can make it look blotchy and mottled, and since Bye Bye Redness is supposed to be lightweight and either a replacement or base for face makeup, I thought I'd go check it out at my local Ulta.

Here's what it looks like:


It's a lightweight cream with a matte texture that melts into the skin. Basically, it does exactly what it says it will do. Here's the description from Ulta's website:

"Bye Bye Redness Correcting Creme is a red neutralizing and correcting creme that completely cancels redness in your skin...Rich in peptides, hydrolyzed collagen and anti-aging technology, Bye Bye Redness camouflages redness and any red-toned skin dis colorations from rosacea, broken capillaries, blemished skin, irritated skin, sun damage, scars, age spots, physician procedures, and more! It will give perfect coverage that will never crease or crack and is designed to not only cover, but to make your skin appear supple and flawless!" 

From what I've seen on Youtube (you can search for demos there), and how the creme has been working for me for the past two days, I'd say this thing is miracle in a jar. Check it out on my hands, which are red and blotchy:

Before--look at that angry knuckle grrrrrr! 


After---ahhhh much less fearsome


I had my hand in the same spot on the bed and the pictures were taken within one minute of each other. Can you see how less red the second picture is, and how more even my skin looks? That is a thin layer. 

I put this creme on after my moisturizer and before my tinted moisturizer, but today I just wore it after moisturizer with nothing on top of it. It definitely mattifies so if you like things more glowy or dewy you'll need to add some highlighter creme or powder. It's great for around your nose and mouth, where lots of people get red, and on your cheeks if you want to wear blush and don't want your natural cheek color to mess with the color of your blush. 

Overall this stuff has me pretty impressed so far. I don't like the way foundation looks on my skin and this stuff is almost undetectable. 

It's available at Ulta for $32 and at QVC (it comes with a brush if you get it from QVC!). It's a small pot, but it will last you a loooonnnnnggggg time. 

If you're like me and have any red you'd like to say see ya to, this product is worth checking out!

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