Monday, March 31, 2014

A few of my favorite products for Spring

This month has been amazing in beauty and skin care as loads of new products are coming out for the spring collections. I've got a new eyeliner from Urban Decay to show you, a radiant tinted moisturizer, and two lippies that will brighten up winter skin and winter moods!

First up: just released Urban Decay super-saturated ultra intense waterproof cream eyeliner in Perversion, a super duper black. This is a pot eyeliner, so you use it with a brush. Any angled eyeliner brush will do, but I love the Sigma eyeliner E05 brush (Sigma brushes are very good overall). I dab a teensy bit on the brush and paint it on and holy toledos this is one black eyeliner. It stays on nicely and doesn't migrate to the corners of your eyes either. I don't put it on my waterline, because that would make me look harsh and tiny-eyed, but I smudge a bit into my lower lash line, all the way corner to corner. This application style doesn't work with everyone; many women look better with no eyeliner in the inner bits, or just waterline, or waterline plus smudge, but for some reason a nice thickish line smudged into my lower lashes looks best. (Ironically, I can't do liner on the top of my eye corner to corner, only on the middle to outermost edge, otherwise I suddenly look very tired.) 

Here's what the eyeliner looks like in the pot:


Creamier than I'm used to, but that means it goes on like butter. Black butter. Which would be so cool in theory but in person would probably skeere me as much as that black water those Housewife boys came out with. 

Here's what it looks like swatched, next to my beloved Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in caviar ink:


PIGgggggMENTtttttt hello! 

Here's what it looks like after being scrubbed at viciously with a wipe:


Oh be still my beating heart you are still hanging on. 

It is perverted how much I love this eyeliner. Maybe it is a bit black for daytime but idontcare. 

Now onto face. I love me some Laura Mercier regular old tinted moisturizer, but have been living from sample tubes that are somewhat (cough cough) old, so I bought a new big tube of her illuminating tinted moisturizer for Spring in the color bare radiance. I like it. I don't know that I like it more than the regular one, but it's got very light coverage and does gleam everything up. If you have oily skin avoid this as you will be way too shiny. Overall, it's nice, light, moisturizing, and over my It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness, which can tend to be a bit drier, it gives good glow.


Nice n tubey. And creamy. Good stuff. The original is also amazing. 

Now it's time for my favorite obsession, LIPS! Here are two new products from Sephora + Pantone Universe: Venus Lure Lip Balm and Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick in Radiant Orchid Creme. Here's what they look like:


The one on the left is Radiant Rush, and the tube is magnetized. Pretty packaging! And fun to play with! 

And here they are swatched; since they are limited edition, I also swatched some dupes for you that are permanent: 


Top to bottom: Venus Lure lip balm, Radiant Rush Radiant Orchid, Bite Beauty Granache, Bite Beauty Violet, Illamasqua Glamore lipstick in Luster 

The lip balm is incredibly comfortable and easy to wear and can be slicked on without a mirror. It's hydrating and sheer, but doesn't last too long; I had to apply every hour or so. The lipstick is a different formula; it's described as "matte" but is creamy, medium opaque, and long-lasting and doesn't give me that weird orchid outline around my lips that some lippies I have do. I love them both and they're both very easy to wear and would suit a variety of skin tones. For reference, the Radiant Rush is a bit drier and less opaque than the Bite Beauty lippies, and the Illamasqua comes off as a bit more neon pink. All are amazing. (If you've read my previous posts you know that I have a horde of orchid colored lipsticks.) 

Here is the lip balm on:


A perfect swipe of sheer orchid! 

Here is the lipstick: 


Yep there I am with very little makeup on (just lippie and a wee bit of eyeliner, third day hair!) 

You can pick up the Sephora lippies at Sephora stores, but they seem to be sold out online. I'd get them soon if you are interested as they are very popular. The rest of the Pantone line is getting rave reviews, especially the eyeshadow palette (I don't have that) and the blush palette (I've got that and it's incredibly pigmented and pretty). 

Happy Spring, lovelies! I hope I've given you a reason to treat yourself :) 

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