Sunday, January 19, 2014

A hairy kinda love.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of a hair product and a woman.

Yes, folks, I know it is weird, but I have decided after much consideration to marry my new hair powder from Bumble and Bumble. Random, my husband, will just have to deal with my plural marriage. There is room for both of them in my life, although he may have to shove over in bed a bit. This is it in all its glorious wonder: 

 oh. oh. oh. 

This stuff is talc nectar of the gods. I told you earlier that I was a little upset due to the recent grays I was finding, especially since I darkened my hair. Well, then I started washing my hair every other day to try and get it healthier, and the dry shampoo I was using on my days off was not working--it was so white and turned all my hair this odd grayish shade which, coupled with my few strands of actual gray, made me look all Old Mother Hubbardish. Yikes. 

I went lighter recently to hide the few jerk strands of gray, but I'm still washing my hair every other day. Which means dirty roots. Enter hair powder. 

I have never been someone who was described as having "good" hair. Actually, I could see people debating as to whether they would say I even have "hair," as it's so fine it's like pale cotton candy floating in the breeze. It hasn't really grown since I was in grad school. It gets to a few inches past my shoulders and just gives up in exhaustion. So this Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder is an essential in my new hair care routine, which includes cleansing conditioners, Kerastase, and washing four times a week instead of six or seven. This will hopefully help to grow my hair and get it healthy. 

This powder is amazing. Just a small shake onto your roots and POOF! All slimy oily hair is instantly transformed into fluffy, volumized locks. It's pure magic baby. You do still have to work it through your hair; if any gets on my part I add a drop of water to help dissolve the powder--but it's far less of a white gray mess than the dry shampoo spray I was using. It helps me look clean. I enjoy looking clean. 

This puppy retails for $26 and is available at Sephora. Two big sparkly thumbs up! 


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