Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking for a new pre-Spring treat? Here are some of my favorite pink purple pinky purply lippies!

I have an obsession with pinky purple magenta fuchsia lipsticks. I have way too many; even if I swiped a different one every day for a month I might not get through them all. Some people collect fire trucks....some people collect scary dolls....some people collect Star Wars gear....I collect lipstick. It's the quickest way to brighten up your face and in a hot shade it literally bellows spring. Plus, the "color of the year" is apparantly Radiant Orchid (why? Because something called "Pantone" says so). See? It's an excuse to get a lippie in this color. Honestly, I have so many you'd think the lipstick apocalypse was near and I was stockpiling in case of a shortage of magenta.

Starting from the farthest left and moving in a circle: Buxom Swinger, MAC Sheen Supreme Asian Flower, Bite Beauty Grape (limited edition), NARS Full Frontal (limited edition), MAC Up the Amp, Shisheido Fuchsia, MAC Pro Longwear Love Forever, YSL #19 Fuchsia. 

MAYBE they all look a bit the same but I DON'T CARE because they are like sweet sweet candy. And they all have different formulas, so different overall. (Anything I can do to justify all of these and the rest that I decided not to feature today). 

The Buxom and Shisheido are wonderful--they feel great on the lips and are really nice colors, the Buxom more luminous magenta and the Shisheido more, well, fuchsia. The Bite beauty is my newest and I love it--I'm a sucker for lippies that look like twistable crayons, and it's a bit matte. Plus it's got good stuff in it that you don't have to worry about eating (apparently most lipsticks have evil stuff in them, like essence of puppy or something, so Bite beauty is good if you care about what you are actually putting on your lips besides just the, ahem, color). The sheerest of the bunch is Asian Flower, which I mostly use to make pink lipstick more purply and moisturizing. The MAC Pro Longwear is the longest lasting and most matte in the bunch, although MAC Up the Amp is also long lasting. The YSL is a show stopper, although I am the only person in the world who does not love the formula--it feels a bit slippy slidey. 

I've got scads more but I'll save those for another time. If you're looking for a budget friendly option, Maybelline makes a wonderful line called Color Vivids, and the colors Pink Pop and Fuchsia Flash are great. I also love the new Maybelline color elixir glosses, and Revlon has a twisty balm crayoney thing that comes in some awesome bright pinks. 

I got all of these at either Sephora or a MAC store. If I HAD to pick one (sob!) it would probably be Buxom Swinger, because it's not limited edition and is the perfect purply pink color ever. Plus it plumps up your lips a teensy bit. Some other good ones that I don't currently own: Two Faced Lollipop, MAC Show Orchid and Girl About Town. (It is true. There are some I don't own.) 

Wear these with neutral eye shadow, some winged black liner, and a soft pink blush. I like them better without bronzer as the colors are more blue-based and when I use bronzer I get yellower. 

Well there ya go my orchid-lipped lovelies. Let me know in the comments if you have any pretty pretty lippies you'd like to share! 

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