Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wrinkles begone part two! I dream of a good face cream.

Hello my shiny pretties,
Today we are going to talk about face creams and magic potions that will help you stop feeling like your face skin is stretched out on a torture device! You probably have at least one face cream that you already use, but why not use more than just that one and switch it up a bit? There are so many new things to try out and the more you slather on, the more hydrated you can look. Here is what I do every morning, afternoon/ early evening, and night:

1. Apply Josie Maran infinity argan oil creme after shower; let it sink in a minute or two. 

2. Apply MAC strobe cream (this is a pearly cream, but it doesn't leave much of a pearly effect at all. Actually, it's packed with antioxidants). This "sets" my face and preps it--it actually makes it less oily. OR, apply Josie Maran Milk, which is a new hydrating treatment that feels oddly cool when you put it on your face and instantly makes your skin relaxed. 

Got Josie Maran milk? Just don't put it on your cereal. This stuff is awesome. 

MAC Strobe Cream (love this stuff) and another good one, Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation which also lightens pesky sun spots; I like it for when my skin's not so dry. 

I used to have really dry, scratchy, tight skin in the winter when getting out of the shower. I don't anymore, and I think it's all because of the Josie Maran. 

3. After MAC strobe cream I might apply my Dr. Brandt ruby glow retinol for face if I'm feeling a bit wrinkly. Often though I skip this step as I do retinol at night. 

The beloved Retinol twins. This is a set, which doesn't cost as much as the full size. I find it lasts a few months for me, as you only need a smidge. 

4. After that I'm ready for my primer and my tinted moisturizer. Because it's been super dry I'm loving Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown BB cream (both of these were free perks at Sephora):

You are both so creamy and you sink into my skin, leaving the cakey part for inside of my mouth, where all cakey things belong. 

A quick note on BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers, and foundations:

I don't wear typical foundation. I actually prefer my skin without it; it looks masky on me. I like light coverage, skin breathing; even though I have some light freckles (okay probably age or sunspots) and wrinkles here and there I find foundation immediately makes you look made up. Plus my skin gets claustrophobic, haha. So instead I usually wear tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream and spot conceal if I need it. 

BB cream: Stands for Beauty Balm. Originated in Asia and is supposed to be an all-in-one product--treats, primes, covers, protects. I have had meh experience with most brands I've tried. The best ones in my opinion are from Bobbi Brown and Dior. I just got the Bobbi Brown and I really like it. I'll do a more in-depth review of these at some point. 

CC cream: Stands for Color Correcting. Supposed to be BB but a bit more pigmented. Helps fade spots (apparently). Many times has higher SPF than BB. I've tried Clinique, IT cosmetics, and a few others. 

Tinted Moisturizer: The original "BB" type cream. Moisturizer with a tint that provides light coverage and often has SPF. The best best best one is by Laura Mercier. I lurve it. Very dewy. 

5. Then I powder up (face powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter) and I'm done. Woohee! That took about two seconds. I wish. 

Throughout the day--
After I'm done with going out I'll slather my skin up in whatever oily moisture is lying around. The afternoon and early evening is when I try samples and wallow in creams and unctious lotions. One of my new favorites is available at the drugstore, and it's affordable and awesome--L'Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal oil. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper top and is really luxe looking and feeling for the price. A great oil if you have none and want to try one out. It melts into your skin. 

You can't cook with it, but it does make me crave french fries. Then again, when do I not crave french fries? The answer is never. 

After barely washing my face (I use a baby wipe and that's it--I hate washing my face and I don't know why--I do wash it in the shower, though) I apply a peel. The one I use is by Perricone MD and it is called Blue Plasma. It looks like a melted slurpee and for that reason alone I kind of love it. 

See how majestic it is? 

It's supposed to be equivalent to a mini-peel and I've been using it a few weeks and like it a lot. I got it in a skincare kit by Perricone MD that also had a neck cream, an eye cream, and a face cream (pictured above) so I use all of those also. If I'm not feeling the sublime blue slurpee or feel especially wrinkled up I use a good dose of Retinol (the Dr. Brandt above) and if I need a ton of moisture I use a sample of the Glam Glow hydrating mud treatment (I can't stress enough how awesome samples are. I have a ton). 

I used to have flaky, patchy skin in the winter; it got pretty bad at times and my face and skin itched and felt super tight. After using these products my skin feels soft and hydrated. I also drink a ton of water (really important for good skin!)

Well there you have it, my favorite skin products besides oils. If you are bemoaning your winter skin, maybe one of these will help. I hope that you find something you want to try and if you do, let me know! Here's to happy skin :)

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