Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yikes! An eye emergency! Never fear, Pretty Primp is here.

Hello my sweet sparkly unicorns, 

This week has been a bit tough for me makeup-and-beauty-wise as I have been battling some eyeball problems. My eye was scratched by an overeager kitten when I was but a wee lass and since then I have to open it in the morning exactly so otherwise......well let's just say bad things happen and I morph into a pirate for the day. Arrrrrrrrrr. Anyway, this morning after just getting my eyeballs back in shape I woke up with a lovely case of pink eye, which is one of my most least favorite things in the world. In both eyes. As I obviously had to visit the doctor, which would require being in public, I needed a plan of action. This is a handy plan whether you are like me--you have wonky eyeballs--or whether you've got allergies, stayed up way too late and have puffy, tired eyes, or if you have some other need to appear mysterious yet put together when you venture out. Nobody wants to look infected, tired, or beaten down by life. So here's my go-to look for when life squirts lemons in your eye:

1. After doing your face makeup (whatever you do) apply a light blush to make your cheeks glow. 

2. Apply an awesome lip color, something bright and noticeable. This will draw attention away from your eyeballs, should you need to remove your glasses. I like pink; try red if that's your thang. 

3. Apply large sunglasses. 

4. Stick your hair on top of your head, if it's long enough, in some type of bun thing. If it's not long enough, put it in a neat pony tail. Or just leave it down, but go for simple. 

5. Sashay your way around the house singing Katy Perry songs about how a) you are a firework and b) you roar. (Last part optional.) 

Here's some inspiration, courtesy of Bite Beauty (they have awesome bright lippies; they are creamy, long lasting, and--major plus--you can eat them. Great for a midday snack. I'm joking, don't eat your expensive lipstick, but they do have good stuff in them). 

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Velvet 

Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayon in Grape 

Bite Beauty Luminous Cream Lipstick in Violet 

From left to right: Velvet, Grape, Violet 

Velvet, Grape, Violet (bottom to top) --They have a rubberized feel that I really like. They are twist up. 

The my-eyes-are-skerry-but-I-can-still-look-somewhat-glam look (I'm wearing Becca blush in Gypsy here, but no other face makeup except for a teensy bit of concealer on my blue face veins, haha; excuse my smirk ;)) 

I hope these ideas help you look smashing even when your eyes aren't up to their usual sparkle and shine. Here's to big sunglasses, buns, and bright lips!

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